Your Winelicious Tour Guide Extraordinaires! 

Lyse Collins

Lyse grew up with German wines on the dinner table.  Not only was this part of her family's German culture but also because her father wanted to teach his family about the varietals that grew around his homeland of Mainz, in the Rhein region of Germany.


One of the main reasons her family moved to the Okanagan was because of its semblance of this region, with its rolling vineyards and proximity to water.

Lyse has a wealth of experience and education in counselling and also in tourism, specifically in the hotel, resort and restaurant industries. Her most recent career with Westjet has set a precedent of what good guest experience entails.


Lyse is proud to call herself a local Peachlander! Her passion for local wines and her love of the Okanagan has led her to seek out the "hidden gem" wineries, which she and her Team are 

eager to share with you.

Prosit! and Cheers!

Have a Winelicious day!

Meet The Winelicious Team

Dan, Rachel, Lyse, Heather, Ofrie and Evan, all embrace the Winelicious spirit. Most of us are long term locals, some of us are retired but all of us are young at heart and love living here. Give us the honour to tour you around and show you why!

Many Cheers.

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